juvenile delinquents turn heros

report by: Angelina Marquette

november 5th 2015

On November 4th a terrible blaze in the church happened. Inside were a group of very small children on a fieldtrip. Juvenile delinquents Ponyboy Curtis and Johnny Cade smashed through the window and one by one tossed the children out the window. With smoke building up in their lungs it became hard to breath. Johhny had been hitten by a falling piece of timber and had multiple severe burns. Dally Winston jumped through the window and dragged the boys out. Dally smacked pony as hard as he could in the back and Ponyboy had become unconscious because his jacket was on fire. The boys were rushed to the hospital all with burns. They are called juvenile delinquents because they had murdered Bob Sheldon for self defense. Cherry Valance explains that Bob and his friends had been drunk and looking for a fight. The boys Johhny and Pony were from "the hood" they took a train all the way to Windrixville and had been living in the very church that had burned in a fire for several weeks.

Reunited at last

Brothers of Ponyboy Curtis, (Darry Curtis and Sodapop Curtis) rushed to the hospital to see Pony, Johhny and Dally. " We were so happy to finally see Pony, we had gotten into an argument and I was worried we would never see him again, this is truly a miracle" said Darry in tears.