Kids enjoy going out and playing their favorite sports. Yes, they want to win but that's not what it is all about for them. The parents job is to not make the games less eventful for the kids. Their job is to go and cheer on the kids and have fun along with them. If a kid isn't doing well, encourage them, show them things that can help them. Show the kids that their parents have good sportsmanship. Allow the kids to see the parents getting along and that will teach them that they don't have to be so aggressive during the games.

Making Sports Enjoyable for Everyone

How do we Begin?

We begin by letting the parents know what is expected of them at the meetings before games start. We come up with a system that will allow parents to communicate with each other as well as the coaches when things aren't going right. Instead of yelling it out at the games. Give the parents a chance to address there issues. If the outbursts continues then the parent will be asked to not come to a game. It would be understood that in order to come to games, you have to respect the players, coaches and other people attending the games. We will know if it is working if parents are able to stay at the games and problems are being reported.