Hunger Games

By: Davon Sullivan

Katniss Everdeen

Katniss is a teenager who does just about everything for her sister & mom. She has to because her dad died in the hunger games. She is also good at bow & arrow. When her sister got picked to be in the hunger games she volunteered as tribute because she feared that her sister wouldnt make it through.

The Capitol

Every year the capitol picks two people for each district a boy & a girl. But first they ask does anyone wants to volunteer as tribute. But no one ever does . So they just pick whoever is in the box of names. When Katniss sister Prim got picked she volunteered as tribute for her sister so she didnt have go

important events

Katniss & Petta & someone named Cato were the only two people left in the Hunger Games. But Cato ended up getting killed. So katniss & Petta were the only two people from the same district still alive. But then the capitol sayed that there could be only one winner. But origanally there could be two. So katniss & Petta agreed to eat a poisonist berry so that they died together. but at the last minute the capitol changed it back. So Katniss & Petta were the winners.

Hunger Games Peace Symbol

The hunger games peace symbol is a way to say goodbye. People in every district do this because they dont clap like regular people do. Also they do it when someone dies in the hunger games to show respect & to say goodbye.