By. Janessa Whitlock

What is A Sentence?

A set of words containing a subject and a predicate, a sentence conveys a statement, question, an exclamation, or a command.

Now to the technicals...

Noun Phrase-

Noun- A person, place, thing, or idea.

Phrase- A group of words that create a clause.

A phrase that acts as a noun in a sentence.

EX- A warm afternoon is the best time to go outside.

{A warm afternoon} is the noun phrase.

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Verb Phrase

Verb- An action word

Phrase-A group of words that create a clause

A phrase that acts as a verb in a sentence.

EX- I lost the race, because I was slow.

{Lost the race} is the verb phrase.


The three articles in the english language are an, a, the.

Why is "I" a pronoun?

"I" is a pronoun because like the other pronouns it is taking place of a name.
Please Use A Pronoun - Pronoun Song

Action vs. Linking Verb...

Action Verb- a verb that conveys action

EX - run, do, sit

- Later I will run a mile

Linking Verb- A verb that does not convey action, a lnking verb "links" the subject to any additinal context in the sentence

EX- is, am, are, am

The food is amazing, I will reccomend it.