Mr. Sterling's 5th Grade Newsletter

Week of February 15

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What's Happening

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Thanks again for another great round of conferences!

Valentine's Day Party

The class had a great time visiting with friends and passing out their Valentines. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. Check out the photo above!

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra Field Trip

Our 5th graders are attending the symphony tomorrow, Wednesday, February 17th. We will depart around 8:45 and return by 12:15. We will be eating lunch at school in our classroom when we return. Students who typically eat lunch at school have ordered a sack lunch. Students who typically bring their lunch may do so. I would suggest that you make sure your child eats a filling breakfast as we are eating at a later time then our usual lunch.

ISTEP Practice

There are sites under two links on the 5th grade webpage for practice for ISTEP. Please use these links as refreshers over the skills we have covered in class. The PARCC link is also available as well. We are utilizing this test as a practice for ISTEP. Feel free to have your child complete the problems for review. The answer keys are also available on this site.

Staff vs. Student Basketball Game

The Staff vs. Student basketball game will be on Wednesday, February 24th. The 6th grade will be hosting a Paw Pack (Grades 3-6), as a fundraiser for their Chicago Trip. All students and parents are welcome to attend the basketball game. Stay tuned for more details.

What we will cover this week

  • Math: Multiplying Fractions; Adding/Subtracting Mixed Numbers; Multiplying Mixed Numbers; Plotting Ordered Pairs,
  • ELA: Irregular Verbs; Summarizing; Comparing Texts
  • ELA Genre: Persuasive
  • Social Studies: All 50 States and Capitals
  • Social Studies: English Exploration of the Americas; Colonies

Book Club

Our class is starting an exciting new program call "Classroom Book Clubs." For the next few weeks, students will be reading books and discussing them in small groups. Each group has 4-6 students who selected the same book. Since this is something new, I wanted to share how this program work so that you can best support your child.

Each student has been given a copy of his or her book to read. I will provide reading time each day, but if they do not complete their assigned reading they will need to take the book home to finish. The reading page assignments are created by the book club groups on a weekly basis and will be written on a bookmark or sticky note for reference. In addition, student may have to complete a short assignment such as writing a summary, creating discussion questions, or using sticky notes to mark sections that they want to discuss.

Each group has a reading schedule that members must follow to ensure they finish the book on time. Please touch base with your student every week to make sure they are reading the proper amount of pages.

Passport to Reading: Product and Presentation

Third quarter product presentations will begin Thursday, February 18th. The students will earn a Reading and a Grammar grade for this project. The project has the same value as a test grade in each subject.

State Region Tests

Students continue to learn the states and capitals for each region of the United States. There are six total tests this quarter that will be taken in Social Studies. The students will each have their own flashcards in their states file folder. The test schedule and states they need to memorize the state location and capitals for are located in this folder. Please ask your child to bring the folder home to study. There are also many links on the fifth grade website under “Let’s Investigate…” that they may use to help them in preparing for these tests.

Upcoming Assessments

Grammar Quiz: Friday, February 19th

Spelling and Vocabulary Quiz: Friday, February 19th

Math Unit 8 Test: Wednesday, February 24th

Weekly Wonders Test: Friday, February 26th

States Location & Capitals Test Schedule:

  • Midwest States: Friday, January 29th
  • Southeast States Test: Friday, February 5th
  • West/Southwest States Test: Friday, February 12th
  • Northeast States Test: Friday, February 19th
  • 50 States Test & 50 Capitals Test: Friday, February 26th

ISTEP Applied Skills: Week of February 29th thru March 4th