Peter The Great

Journey into making Russia Powerful

Young Curious Leader

Peter the Great was given the throne at the age of 10. He was very curious and his curiosity would later benefit him greatly. Before Peter the Great Russia was very isolated and didn't really know much about the other side of the world. When Peter Alexeyevich was 17 he would gain control over the government. During his prime time Peter would go on a adventure to Europe learning the tools and tactics that were used by them and that were also more effective then present day Russia.

Accomplishments and Fun Facts

When Peter the Great found his wife had a lover he had the man beheaded, then forced her to keep her lover’s head in a jar of alcohol in her bedroom which stood in Catherine’s bedroom till Peter’s death. You can tell Peter the Great had a strict character but hey at least she learned her lesson.

One of Peters major accomplishments was the formation of ST. Petersburg. After his travel to Europe he learned a lot about their Military and political system. He used what he learned in Europe and transferred it to the Russian army. To this day Russia still has an advanced army, they are very powerful and have very good tactics. Peter the Great truly did a lot for Russia and that is why he will always be remembered as a legend.