Industrial Revolution

By: Mycia Stroman

What was the Instrial Revolution, and where did it start?

In Great Brittan, the Industrial Revolution began. It was a time when we started using machines. The worker would work for low pay and in dangerous conditions. It could be dangerous at times, the people could even loss arms, legs, and fingers. Children would even start smoking at young ages because of the environment that they were put in. The good thing about the Industrial Revolution was that we started producing products faster and it cost less money to make the products. It could be dangerous at times.

Child Labor

Child labor was when young children were put in horrible conditions and were forced to work with little pay. The children were put into an environment filled with adults and little pay so of them started smoking at the age of 4. The children would get bags under their eyes early because the wouldn't get much sleep. Since the children were smaller they would get dangerous jobs going under the machines. They could even lose legs and arms.

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