Rock and Roll sensation!!

Maria Zamorano


Ahmet Ertegun was born in 1923 in Istanbul, Turkey.Ahmet, along with the Ertegun family, moved to Washington, D.C. Ahmet graduated in 1944 from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Md. Soon after the death of his father, the Ertegun family returned to Turkey, but Ahmet and his older brother, Nesuhi, remained in the U.S.

Change in society

Rock and roll music influenced everything fashion, words, dances , and peoples personalities. The changes were mainly on teenagers and young adults. The main influences of rock and roll were on racial equality and freedom of expression. During those periods of time there were many incoming immigrants to the USA. Rock and roll was a way to show that "the color of a person's skin should not dictate their worthiness."


Hard to believe, but Rock and Roll did not exist before the 1950s. Rock and Roll was a way for teenagers to "rebel" against their parents. Therefore, the adults of 1950s did not like that type of music because "it came from the devil." Rock and Roll was one of the first music genders to define an age group. The teenage sensation Elvis Presley was considered the king of Rock and Roll at only the age of 19. Presley was born in a poor family in Mississippi (1937), his first popular hits was "heartbreak hotel" and was well known for his "sexual" movements in the stage.


This was the beginning of the music revolution. The invention of the television helped the Rock and Roll because they could not only listen to music but actually watch it.Teenagers loved music and this led to the growth of rock and roll. It was the early 1950's sensation. This made a great change in American society because this was considered a bad type of music. Many stereotypes started because of this new style of music. Also in the minds of many young people more jobs were now open because many teens had talent. The talent to sing and perform and could earn a living by singing. The creation of Rock and Roll was a great idea because it brought a gender of people, teens, together. There was now something that many people had in common, something to relate too.