Weekly Notes, News & Whoo Hoos!

February 5, 2014

Business Update

  • January orders should be completed by Monday, Feb 10th.
  • Home Office is expecting February to be double January or better
  • The average guest is spending $90+ on average. This is amazing!!

Scott & Evan Monroe visit Pittsburgh

This week we had a special visitor at our Celebrate & Connect meeting--Scott Monroe and his son Evan. Scott spoke for a few moments and shared the following:

  • Your family and "why" should always come first, before Thirty-One.
  • Build real relationships with your customers and hostesses.

Thirty-One is going to be sending members of the Home Office out to Celebrate & Connect meeting throughout the year. While in Pittsburgh Scott and Evan attending another C&C in the South Hills and Erica Williams had a visit from Anthony MacIntosh.

Dates to Remember

Jan 15-March 15 Wonder What's Possible recruiting incentive

Feb1-8 Celebrate & Connect meetings

Feb 18 Inspire newsletter arrives in your email box

Feb 26 Register for April Celebrate & Connect meetings

April 3-6 Celebrate & Connect with the Spring Premier!

Here are a few ideas to share with your Customers!

$5 Personalization In February

Includes Embroidery, Icon-It, Creative Expressions, and Laser Etching!

National Conference Chatter!

Registeration Begins on March 5

The National Conference Page is LIVE on TOT, click here to check it out!

Registration is open for everyone on March 5th and ends on May 31

  • You can book your hotel room at the same time, but you can only reserve one room!

  • Also you can sign up for your training classes at the same time.

Awards Dinner

  • hosted by your NED--Misty Thomas

  • seating by your SED--Kelly Heckert

  • Awards night will be more entertaining and surprises at the end

Big plans being made, lots of amenities being sprinkled through Conference and some amenities are being shipped directly home so you don’t have to worry about packing them and carrying them home.

Kelly Heckert--Senior Executive Director