September 16th, 2016

Mercy and Justice

After the first month of school, discipline gets more frequent. Our philosophy has not changed much over the last 4 years. We will always hold kids accountable, but as I've said on several occasions: consequences may be the same - but conversations may be different.

I do not believe that fairness is treating everyone the same. I also do not believe in separating a child's home life from their school life, so that implementation of consequences becomes easier for us.

The reason we have HERO - and the reason we tend to know what is going on with our kids - is what makes us different than other places, and as long as I am the principal, that will never change.

Don't expect a kid that's been abandoned by their mother or father to be deferential to your authority. You can expect that all day long - you can also see how long it takes to put your head through a wall. We have to teach trust and respect at times - and the office is frequently the place where that happens. In fact, sometimes it is where it has to happen.

As a teacher - you may be staring at as many as 30 kids - it is not fair to 29 kids that 1 should always control the atmosphere. Those children are the the most frequent office visitors, and I've always told y'all that if your ears turn red thinking about a kid - we need to know.

When it's "justice" time - ask yourself if you want punishment for vengeance or because it's what's best for the kid, the classroom, and the atmosphere.

Be what you are expecting.

Upcoming Dates.....

September 19th: Bye week for Vollebyall

September 20th: Meeting for Melton off campus - Archery Parent meeting at 6:00 p.m.

September 21st: Hoff with Stahlman in a.m. - back at lunch

September 22nd: First Pep Rally!!!! JH Football @ home vs. Brownsboro

September 23rd: PAYDAY!!!

September 24th: JH Volleyball "B" Team @ Wills Point


Several things about the upcoming weeks - everyone, make sure you read and understand this, and if you do not - please ask questions.

Badges - are not optional. I've been the worst one about this, but will remedy it immediately. Everyone in this building must wear their badge everyday - this is a big part of our Emergency Procedure, so we need 100% compliance.

T-TESS Goal Review - You have all submitted your goals (as of last Friday), you will be receiving an email from Melissa about your meeting time with me next week, so that we can review them. This is a required part of the evaluation process moving forward.

6 Weeks Grading - All of you should have read Mrs. Hoffmeyer's email about eligibility. At the 3 week point we had 250 progress reports. We cannot treat the 6 week point as if it's the 3 week point. If we do, enough of our kids will be ineligible that we shouldn't even bother competing. Treat the 6 week period like you normally do - if you drop a grade, drop a grade. If you allow for a retest, then allow for a retest. A kid can now become ineligible at 6 weeks and 9 weeks - this is the biggest hurdle for most districts changing to a quarterly policy. Again - with the grading policy only containing 10 daily grades and 3 test grades - this means grades count more. Let's make the beginning of this quarterly grading period as smooth as possible - if you have concerns, see me or Maegan.

Exchange/Compliance - If you have not finished this, take care of your business. You will get docked for Exchange days, but Compliance is state of Texas - that is a condition of you remaining employed. We have two weeks left, but get this done as soon as you can.

Maslow's Hierarchy

Maslow has always made a lot of sense to me - and if we reflect on specific points in our lives where things were not going real well, we can probably see ourselves at different points on the continuum.

Obviously, in our building, we have major academic responsibilities toward the students - we also want to keep other things in mind as we prepare them for high school.

As adults, we are mostly near the top of this continuum - 10% of our kids are nowhere close to the top and this creates a gulf in understanding each other.

We all had to learn this in education classes - watch the video for a reminder.

STAAR is incredibly important - but (like we normally talk about) if we want critical thinkers - we have to be mindful of other things as well.

Maslow In Ten Minutes