Chinese Three-Striped Box Turtle

An Endangered Animal


The Chinese Three-Striped Box Turtle lives in Southern China and in Vietnam. These turtles live in clear water streams and in stream banks. One reason it lives here is because it is a carnivore and eats fish.

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How is it endangered?

This turtle is endangered because of a couple reasons

-They are hunted for food

-They are taken from the wild and become pets

-The Chinese three-striped box turtle fetch a high price for medicine and medical use.

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Interesting Facts

Here are some interesting facts

-The turtle's shell can be as long as 21 cm.

-These turtles are expensive to get as a pet in China and in the USA

-If captive, this turtle can live about 32 years

-They are one of five native freshwater turtle species in Hong Kong.

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