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By: Daniel DiFrancesco

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What my contribution will be

Black holes do not suck in objects, they have a gravitational pull in the same way of any other objects in the universe, such as stars, planets, etc.

The inside of black holes in completely unknown. We believe black holes are singularities, a endless amount of density and mass, but know one really knows what is contained inside.

Black holes form because of supernova explosions from the largest stars that the universe has ever seen.

Black holes are the largest known singular objects in our universe, they manipulate space-time more than any other object in space. Meaning that they have the largest gravitational pull of any object known in our universe.

Black holes can not be seen because they're absolute darkness because nothing can escape the intense gravity it produces. The reason we know they're there is because they still have an effect upon the galaxies they control, because they are the center of their galaxies.

Black holes do not lead to other places, they're just infinite density that nothing that we know of can escape from. Worm holes are a fictional thing that we don't know much about, what we think they could do is bend space and time to do sort of a teleportation through space.

Fun fact: If you could squeeze earth down to the size of a wedding ring, then it would become a black hole.

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