Teenagers, A Whole Different World:

Increasing Communication With Your Teen

Adolescence is a time of significant change. Relationships with parents and peers begin to change and adolescents start to develop a sense of self-identity separate from their parents. This often contributes to conflict between child and parents. Positive parent-child relationships has been shown to impact the healthy development of peer social relationships with adolescents. Parents really do make a difference! Read on to find out ways to improve the communication with your teen and decrease conflict.

The Blame Game

Blame is defense mechanism or coping skill that we develop to help us deal with a situation. However, blame often contributes to others being defensive and conflict developing. The short video show a good example of how blame can be counter productive for us.
Brené Brown on Blame
Honesty Deficit Disorder: The Love and Logic Way

Help, I need ideas of what to do when my child lies to me. Click the article for more ideas.

Do You Need More Specific Resources?

If you are in need of more specific resources regarding child/parent or family dynamic issues please contact your intervention counselor or guidance counselor on your school campus. We are available to assist you with resources at the school or in the community that are available to meet your needs.

Allison Fond, M.A. LPC-S

Intervention Counselor