Country Gardens

Performed by Amorelle Upton

Amorelle Upton

  • Third year of clarinet (second on bass)
  • I do track and diving as sports
  • I am 14 years old


Bruce Pearson-

  • 30+ years of experience in the arts

  • music educator, author, composer, clinician and conductr

  • His best selling band method, Standard of Excellence

Mary Elledge-

  • Master of Arts degree from the University of Iowa

  • has a private piano studio in San Diego, California

  • authored Festival Solos, Books 1 and 2, with Bruce Pearson


While playing this song I learned that it is helpful to practice and write in every note that you don't know. I also learned that you need to look over every measure carefully because it looks like the same rhythm in a lot of measures but there may be one different or note pattern. I also worked a lot with dynamics and made sure all of them were in the right place and played correctly.