UCA Concurrent Credit Program

From the Counselor's Office

Registering for the UCA Concurrent Credit Program

Once again, we are able to offer concurrent classes at St. Joseph through the UCA Concurrent Credit Program. This year, registration is different, so it is VERY IMPORTANT that everyone follows the instructions and gets everything completed by the deadline, which is May 20th.

There are three parts:

  1. The online application.
  2. The Course Enrollment Form
  3. The Parent Consent Form

The online application will be completed in my office. Students need to sign up for a time through the Google Doc below. Before filling out any application, I will double check to make sure that students meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA
  • Minimum 19 ACT Reading score (required for ALL concurrent classes, even Math)
  • Minimum 19 ACT Composite score
  • For a concurrent math class, students must also have a minimum 19 ACT Math score

During the meeting when the online application is completed, students will fill out and sign a paper copy of the Course Enrollment Form (no parent signature required).

Each student who applies will have the Parent Consent Form sent home with them to be filled out and signed by a parent.

All three steps are required by UCA in order to be considered for the Concurrent Credit Program.

IT IS THE STUDENTS' RESPONSIBILITY TO SET UP A TIME TO MEET WITH ME AND COMPLETE ALL THREE REQUIRED STEPS. I will not chase them down or beg for these things to be done. If they are truly interested in earning college credit while taking a class here at St. Joseph, then they will quickly and efficiently complete the required documentation.

More information about the UCA Concurrent Credit Program

  • For the 2016-2017 school year, the concurrent classes that will be offered at SJHS are World History (History 1310, History 1320) and Trigonometry & Pre-Calculus (Math 1580). It is UCA's decision which concurrent classes SJHS is allowed to offer each year. St. Joseph teachers must meet certain education requirements, so if there is any change in faculty, what is offered for concurrent may change as well.
  • It is UCA's policy that concurrent students cannot be exempt from any final or mid-term exam.
  • All concurrent classes offered through UCA fulfills General Education requirements and are transferrable to other Arkansas public colleges. For more information on classes that can transfer, visit the Arkansas Credit Transfer System website.
  • Unless UCA states otherwise for the 2016-2017 school year, the cost is $10 per college hour. All fees will be billed directly to the parents/students from UCA. SJHS is not responsible for collecting or transferring money to UCA.
  • SJHS does not have access to the UCA student transcripts. When seniors apply to other colleges or need proof of earned college credit, it is their responsibility to request transcripts through the UCA Registrars office.