The Best Athletes Of All Time

Muhammid ali

Muhammid Ali was one of the best boxers of all time. When Muhammid Ali was a minor he won 100 of 100 4. That was the beginning of his road to glory. When he was 19 he won 6 Kentucky golden glove awards. Those are like state titles. pg 4. He won the light weight championship in the Olympics.pg4 He thought he was the best in boxing but he had to prove himself in the heavy weight championship. Then he got to the heavy weight championship, he was considered the underdog, but he won in the seventh round. Pg 5. Muhammid Ali had a famous quote “ float like a butterfly sting like a bee.” Muhammid Ali had a very successful boxing career with 56 wins 37 K.O's and 3 losses all of his losses he had a rematch and

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Jackie Robison

Jackie Robinson was a very famous baseball player. He was the very first African American to play major leagues. He started his career as a very successful short stop on the Kansas City Monarchs. Then he went to play on the Dodgers. One of his games there 50000 fans showing up for

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Joe Montana

Joe Montana started his career at Notre Dame, he played football there. They were playing North Carolina. They put Joe in and he led them 75 yards down the field, then made the two point conversion. pg.55 One of Joe's games his body temperature was down and they were losing 34-12. They took him to the locker room and fed him chicken noodle soup, he came back and won 35-34. he was the very first person to win 3 MVP's in the super bowl. pg.56

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