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All about telephones

The first telephones

The first telephone didn't have a bell so people had to tap the phone to let the receiver know a call was sent. Thomas Watson invented the bell. Opartors only answerd when they felt like and they would say number please.First opartors needed good memories to know where plugs go.

History of telephones

In 1870 inventors Thomas Watson and Alaxander Graham bell independently designed devices that will let others speak to each other.They also became fast friends and they invented the telephone.

I Didn't Know That - History of the Telephone

How telephones changed

Telephones changed by using operators to connect servers to people and in 1878 they could handle 2 conersations.Now telephones or phones have microphones ,speakers ,a switch ,a ringer and a touch-tone keypad to communicate with each other.Before we had to press buttons to dial the number but now we just touch the number or the person you want to call.

Parts of a telephone

The parts of a telephone are microphones (transmitter) ,an earphone and a ringer so you can speak , receive the voice of the person and to hear the imcoming call from the telephone.Also the other parts of a telephone is a dial used to enter a number to call a another person.the receiver and the transmitter are usually in the handset and the dial may be found on the handset.

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