Bully Bullying

A Guide to Stop Bullying in Your Community!

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Facts About Cyber-Bullying

Did you Know?

  • Cyberbullying is type of bullying that occurs online, through text messages, emails, Facebook, etc. It includes things like posting embarrassing pictures, publicizing rumors, and making fake profiles and websites.
  • People who get cyberbullied often have a hard time standing up for themselves and feel like the person who is bullying them is more powerful then they actually are.
  • They feel like they are sad, lonely , or nervous, feel sick, have problems at school, bully other kids.
  • Kids who are bullied can feel different, unpopular, powerless, alone.

  • People often bully to copy their friends, to fit in with the rest, or they think they are better than the kid who they are bullying.
  • Cyberbullying is common in high schools, especially over social media.

How to Stop Bullying

  • Try to say stop in a clear voice to indicate that the person is bullying you, who may not even realize they are bullying you.
  • Try laughing it off. If your good at joking around.
  • If your not good at communicating, start getting good at it, or just walk away.
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