EC and LD Weekly Update

St. Richard's Episcopal School ~ 15 September 2015

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Student Spotlight

Mrs. Malooley and Mrs. Rhoades' classes visited the "Women of a New Tribe" exhibit at the Central Library where SRES Parent Hope Hampton (pictured above) is featured.


1. Greet the Week in Chapel - Mon., Sept. 15

This is a friendly reminder that beginning Monday, Sept. 15, I will give a brief "Greet the Week" message that highlights student birthdays, friendly reminders and announcements, and one time each month, Apple Pin recipients. If you (Gr. 1-4 teachers only) have no already done so, please be sure to email or place your Apple Pin recipient certificates in my mailbox. Thank you!

2. Monthly Student Service Meetings

As Mrs. Hummer communicated to EC/LD faculty last week, monthly student service meetings begin this week and will take place in your classrooms. If you need a reminder on the day your scheduled to meet, please email Mrs. Hummer or me. Additionally, if you have not already done so, please submit your student reading levels to Mrs. Hummer. Thank you! :)

3. Midterm - Fri., Sept. 25

It is hard to believe that midterm of the first trimester is quickly approaching! In preparation for the Friday, Oct. 2 publish date, please plan on following the below schedule:

Last Day to Take Grades for Midterm - Fri., Sept. 25

Submit Midterm Comments to Kris - Tues., Sept. 29

Kris to Return Comment Corrections/Suggestions to Teachers - Wed., Sept. 30

Teachers Enter Final Comments/updates into Backpack - Thurs., Oct. 1

4. Children's Museum Field Experiences and Professional Development

I placed a few catalogs on the faculty dining room bulletin board that contain information on field experiences, professional development opportunities and family outreach nights. There are several excellent events to explore this year and I encourage you to partake! :)

5. ISACS Webinars

Speaking of professional development, there are several robust webinars begin offered through ISACS this school year. Please CLICK HERE to learn more and let me know if you are interested in participating.


Great job Mrs. Napier, Mr. Stewart, Mrs. Eiszner, Mrs. Neal and Mr. Smith on Friday! The collaborative Grades 2 and 8 Constitution Day assembly was extremely well done! You should be very proud of your students! :)

7. In Appreciation

Many thanks to everyone who volunteered at FETE on Friday! Despite the damp weather, the children (and adults) had a lovely time!

Have a great week!