Guinea Ecuatorial TRAVEL GUIDE

$ Travel cost $

if you are planning to go to Guinea Ecuatorial then flying with a round trip would cost 9,000$ one person only and you would be on a plane for about 32hr 15min and only 2 stops it would take two days to get there and if you left on a Wednesday at 10:30 then you would get there on a Friday at 11:45

Two Famous people

Aloldfo obiang biko- was a author, politician, and a freedom rights fighter

Eva Ngui- was a paralympics medalist and athlete

Special Foods and Drinks

  1. Chicken served with peanut butter or cream sauce with a side of rice or boiled plantain
  2. meat or fish grilled with crushed pumpkin seeds served in leaves

  1. malamba (local sugar cane brewed)
  2. osang (African tea)