Community Service

By Jordan

What is community service?

We Service our Community because we want to improve and help the struggling people around us. Community Service is when a group or a person goes out to the community and helps it in different ways for example: Plants trees, Paints walls, helps out and many more.

Why we undertake community service?

We undertake community service because we want to help/improve the community. People also induct them self in community service because they have to after a crime

Who can we serve in the community?

There are a lot of different sort of ways you can help or improve the community by helping out the environment, animals, cleaning rubbish.

What is empathy?Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feeling of others

Why is community service important for YOU now at this stage of your education? Community service is important to me because everyone deserve a nice and peaceful community to live in.

What skills can community Service teach you that you can bring to the workplace? Community service can bring a lot to our workplace by us be willing to work hard as in others don't have the opportunity to work and make a living.