Mrs. Meseroll's Messages

Week of Sept. 25th


Congratulations families! You and your children have made it through their first 2 full weeks! The children have been working so hard! In other words they deserve a big pat on the back and maybe some hugs too.

We have been doing a lot of assessments. I am so proud of the kids for always doing their best, even when some assessments have been challenging.

The good news is we are will take a few more days to finish up the assessments and begin a fun but rigorous time in the year. By mid week we will begin Reading and Math groups.

These groups will allow me to reach each students' needs. If you ever have any questions about which level your child is and what they are working on, I'd be happy to give you that information.


We started homework this week and most of the kids did a great job! Please check your child's back pack each night for their homework folder. Students will have Math almost every night except Fridays and Reading every night. Your child should be reading at a minimum of 15 minutes a night. All homework should be easily finished independently in 15 minutes or less. If your child is not able to do the homework in the given time, just send me a little note in their planner and I will deal with any issues that arised.

Heritage project:

Make sure your child does an interview with a family member this weekend if they haven't done so already. We will be practicing those this week in class and during Drama.

Curriculum for the Week

Math: We continued working with place value of three-digit numbers and began working in our math books.

Literacy: I also am close to finishing testing DRA levels. I will finish next week and send the results home in the Friday Folder. In addition we are have learned 3 poems so far and will continue to get anew poem each week. I use poems to talk a lot about words, letter patterns, and language.

Writing: Students began writing personal narratives. We discussed how to plan our writing, include details, as well as adjectives.

Read Aloud: - Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang By: Ian Fleming

Word Work: Students practiced word work activities. We also worked on putting names in alphabetical order. Word levels will go home next week and word lists/activities will begin the week of October 3rd.

Social Studies: We are working on the classroom culture and school and recess policies

Science: Students observed the properties of solids, learned about matter, as well as determined what materials were used to create different solids.

Foreign Language

Please do a check in with your child about which foreign language they are in. A couple of the students had mentioned they wanted to change. Normally we keep students in the same language year after year. If for some reason your child wants to change, that is fine. I do want to note that after 3rd grade there will be not be opportunities to change your foreign language after this time.