Mahatma Gandhi By: Kelsie Fields

The life of Mahandas Karamchand Gandhi

No Violence in any way

Do you know Mahatma Gandhi is? Well you should! Mahatma Gandhi was all about non violence . He went through a protest and was in jail many times with out any fighting. Gandhi used his words and not his fist.

Gandhi's Childhood

Mahandas Karamchand Gandhi was born on October 2,1868 in Porbandar in Gujarat. Gandhi's parent taught him him many things as a child including vegetarianism, non violence towards others, fasting, and tolerance for people with different backgrounds and beliefs. They taught him these things because they were strong followers in Hinduism.

First Taste Of Racism

At age of 18 Gandhi left his home in India and went to a school in London to become a Barrister. After school he went back to India to find a job but he had trouble finding one so he Accepted a job in Natal, South Africa. There he got his first real taste of racism, South Africa's white ruling class treated the very large Indian class very poorly.

The Face

For 21 years Gandhi was in a peaceful protest for civil rights leading the Indian community. This also lead to 1000's of Indians in jail including Gandhi but this also lead lead to world wide support for the Indians. South Africa eventually gave the Indians limited rights. Gandhi quickly became know as the face of the Indian Independent Movement when he came back to India because India was still a British colonie. Gandhi was put into prison and was sentenced 6 years but was released 2 years later. Gandhi then withdrew from politics. Since Gandhi was the sole representative of the Indian National Congress he attended the Table conference in London. He then resigned from the party in 1934. He was later assassinated by Hindu Fanatic on January 30,1948.

A Inspiration To All

Mahatma Gandhi has Inspired many people with his acts of peace and non violence. He helped the Indians get limited rights in South Africa and he was one of the people who helped win the the India's independence. He should be an inspiration to all!
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