Taking Charge of Your Own PD

Part 1: Great educational websites and blogs

Finding great resources

There are many times when we want to revise/improve what we are doing in the classroom with our students. Whether it be adding technology to lesson, taking a more student-centered approach to instruction, or just wanting to see what other educators are exploring in their own classrooms, there are tons of great resources that are just a click away.

We've already delved into using Twitter as a resource for PD but what else is out there?

I would like this week's Tech Tuesday to focus on sharing the great on-line resources we use. I will come with several that we can look at together and, if you have a particular resource you would like to recommend, please come share it with us! Let's create some new bookmarks and follow some blogs!

As usual, we will be meeting in the media center at 8:05. Bring your device! I will create a document tomorrow morning with links to all of the resources we share.

You will leave this share with a document of resources you can use anytime!

Hope to see you tomorrow!