Case Study

by Casie Wilford. Per. 2 Biology

The Case of Benjamin Botten

Problems: In this case study, Benjamin was showing fever, join pain. His blood had a build up of polysaccharides and lipids, meaning that his body is having digestion problems. Also, in his blood, there is acidosis, or a decrease in pH level.

Answer: These things are happening because Benjamin is missing an organelle. I think that the organelle he's missing is the lysosome. The lysosome is the organelle that breaks down these lipids and polysaccharides so they wont build up. Also the lysosome helps digest materials in your body. No other organelles help digest things and break down lipids. The lysosome is a perfect fit because it also helps out the muscles keeping them in-tact so they are able to function.

The Case of Olivia Kalie

Problems: Olivia has extreme muscle weakness, loss of muscle coordination. She has had little energy and her glucose levels were way higher than expected because of her level of activity.

Answer: I think that the organelle being targeted is the mitochondria because if she had the mitochondria, there would be no problem in glucose level/ energy level. Also, since the mitochondria creates energy, there would be no problem in energy level if it hadn't be targeted. Since the mitochondria is the "power house" of the cell, it was easy to figure out that, since she didn't have any energy, that the mitochondria was being targeted.

The Case of Frank Rentz

Problem: Frank had severe indigestion, yet, nothing wrong with the blood. Frank is unable to digest food.

Answer: Same as Benjamin, I think that the organelle being targeted is the lysosome. Since Frank is unable to digest, there must be something wrong with the lysosome since this organelle is the one for digestion.

The Case of Mary Streaver

Problem: Mary has severe fever and pain. In her blood, she has high concentration of oxidative enzymes in the blood known as catalase, D-amino acid oxidase, and uric acid oxidase. There were also high levels of fatty acids, which were suggested to not being properly metabolized. Also, they have diagnosed her with having gout in her joints in her hands and feet. Her cells in her back were not producing enough myelin causing her back to hurt.

Answer: I think that the organelle being targeted is the peroxisomes, though a small organelle, its needed because it contains oxidases, and tend to digest fatty acids. One of Mary's problems was digesting fatty acids, so if she had it, then there would be no build up and her back wouldn't be in pain. Seeing how other cells arn't able to do these things like break down fatty acids and that contain oxidases and enzymes, helped me choose this organgelle.

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The New Vacine

I think that out of this study, the lysosome was most needed out of all of them. Seeing how 2 of them actually needed the lysosome, and the Peroxisome was like the lysosome, i think that it was needed more. In all though, all organelles are equally needed, since if one was gone, then something would go wrong sooner or later since every organelle has a specific duty.


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