The Keytags Are Here!

Pick them up at the games tomorrow or Friday!

We're at #39!

Thank you to our 39 Guardians who have joined as of today. The 2016-17 keytags have finally arrived after a delay in production. Thank you for your patience!

We will have all keytags waiting at the admission gates at our Senior High Campus tomorrow when the Lady Dawgs host Dakota, and at the north admission gate on Conley Field when the Dawgs host AFC. Both games are big conference match-ups so you won't want to miss them!

If you prefer we send your keytags home with your Aquin student, please email or send a text to 815-541-2596.

Will you be #40?

If you are still thinking about becoming a Guardian, it's not too late!

We have 31 sets of keytags waiting for owners. Read below to see all the benefits that comes with those tags--not to mention the satisfaction of protecting the education of Bulldogs and Blue Jays!

Click here or stop in the Aquin Business Office

to complete your 'Guardian of the Shield' paperwork today!

Protecting the Future

A shield provides protection to the one who bears it. We strive to provide Aquin students with a shield of Responsibility, Respect, Faith, Leadership, Service, Knowledge and Character. But we can’t do it alone. We need the support--both spiritually and financially--of our parents, our alumni and our community.

In this vein, we ask you to support our ‘Guardian of the Shield’ program. As a supporter you will help protect the future of our students and our school system--and your rewards will be great.

With your support and the hard work and dedication of our families, staff, faculty and friends, we will keep the shield alive.

$700 x 100 = $70,000!

Guardian of the Shield Donation Program
Through the Guardian program, community members, businesses, alumni and families will pledge to donate $700 to Aquin. This donation will be made as a one-time payment or can be made in seven $100 ACH payments to Aquin from October-April. As a sign of appreciation for this support, Guardians will earn certain privileges. There is a limited number of 100 Guardianships per school year.

  1. Free Admission for a Guardian and a guest (2 people total) to all Aquin home games

  2. Free Admission for a Guardian and a guest to 1 performance of Aquin's Fall Play and Aquin's Spring Musical

  3. 1 Free bag of popcorn at each Aquin home Senior High Football, Volleyball or Basketball games

  4. Free Admission for a Guardian and a guest to 2 'Guardian Nights'

    • Guardian Nights will be held in August and April, and will be entirely planned, funded, prepared and cleaned up by the parents of Aquin.

    • 2 Guardian 'Gifts' will be delivered in December and March.

    • Each class has at least 1 class rep to inform, motivate, lead the class.

    • Guardian Nights will also be open to anyone who pays admission, which will vary from event to event.

  5. Guardian name will be listed on 'Guardian of the Shield' webpage.

Thank you for your support!

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