Video Game Designer

By: Nick Foutch

What do Video Game Designers do?

Video Game Designers the core features of a video game. They specify innovative game and role play mechanics, story line, and character biographies. They also guide and collaborate with production staff to produce the game as designed.

What type of education do you need to become a Video Game Designer?

If you plan to become a Video Game Designer you need a Bachelors Degree. If you are lucky you can get in with just an Associates Degree.

what are some skills you need to be a video Game designer?


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the average salary for a video game designer? Around $85,000

What are the working conditions of a video game designer? A office type of area.

what is the outlook of being a video game designer?

The overall outlook for a video game designer has been relatively negative since 2004.

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Why this is my dream job?

I loved video games ever since i could walk and i think it would be cool to be the one that helped make theses games. I would also have a chance to make my video game. My last reason is that it is a well paying job and it involves what i love.