Teach Like a Pirate

J.R. Irvin Elementary Weekly Staff Newsletter - vol 19

Mission Statement

We value every student, creating an environment for all to be successful!

TLAP Quote of the Week

"Success is piece of mind, which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to do your best to become that you are capable of becoming." John Wooden

P is for Pirate

Dave and Shelly Burgess wrote a book which is the Inspirational ABC's for Educators. Every week I will include a snippet from the book.


If you want to build a huge snowball, you can't pick up all the snow at once; it would just fall apart. You start small, pack it tight, and roll it slowly downhill. Snow sticks, and the snowball gains momentum as it grows.

You can't change a school's culture all at once, either. Change isn't something you just announce from the podium. Start small, build your crew, and above all.....


Burgess, D. & S. Teach Like a Pirate. (2014). Dave Burgess Consulting. CA: San Diego.

Good News!

Great job 2nd grade on CBA results!

88% of 2nd grade students made progress from the 1st to the 2nd CBA.

68% jumped 1 or more thresholds

39% jumped 2 or more thresholds

11% jumped 3 or more thresholds

2% jumped 4 thresholds

Great job on 5th grade CBA results!

82% made progress

64% jumped 1 or more thresholds

29% jumped 2 or more thresholds

9% jumped 3 or more thresholds

5% jumped 4 thresholds

Please remember to email your grade level meeting notes to Shannon and Stacee.

Upcoming Dates

  • 2/2 Parent Coffee with Dr. Ledbetter
  • 2/2 4th Grade Reading CBA#2
  • 2/2 Design Team 3:15pm
  • 2/3 Meet with Instructional Coaches
  • 2/3 TELPAS Training
  • 2/4 5th Grade Reading CBA#2
  • 2/4 Lead teacher meeting 3:15
  • 2/5 3rd Grade Reading CBA#2

  • 2/9 Staff Meeting 3:15pm
  • 2/10 Grade Level Meetings
  • 2/12 Valentine's Parties

February Teacher Birthdays

February 4th - Terry Moore

February 19th - Lauren Williams

February 28th - Adriane Wuerch

Strategic Planning

Check out the district website for the link to the strategic planning process that is occurring in our district now.

The board developed a new vision statement and then the strategic 30 last Thursday and Friday developed a new mission along with belief statements. The next step is action committees that will develop plans under specific objectives.

Link: http://www.midlothian-isd.net/strategicplan/index.html