Emily 8m

What is dance?

Dance is a unique art form that allows people to express their ideas, thoughts and emotions while providing entertainment. It is also a sport that requires physical and mental strength as well as flexibility. There are various movements that while being performed, exercise different parts of the body or in some cases many different parts of the body. Dancers repeat these moves again and again trying to improve each time. These moves become a part of the dancer's muscle memory and soon just become an almost automatic reaction, this is how dances are memorized. In ballet, various short dances or excersizes are performed on and off the barre. Some dancers take exams in which examiners grade how well certain dancers preform these excersizes. In dance, various footwear is used to best suit the type of movement the dancer is performing. In shows, dancers wear different costumes, make-up, and use props much like actors and actresses to sell the performance and make the audience believe what they are watching. Sometimes dances also tell stories, much like a movie would. To achieve a strong performance a dancer tries to reflect the music through his or her body. In a strange kind of way, dancers take the form of a certain music piece in a human body.
A Day in the Life of a Ballerina

What kinds of Dance are there?

Since there are different kinds of music there has to be different kinds of dancing so that the music can be properly expressed. There are many, many different kinds of dance. Here are just a few different styles; jazz, ballet, lyrical, contemporary, modern, tap, character, hip-hop, break-dance, theatre, and so on. The very base of all dance is ballet. Some styles such as jazz, lyrical, etc. are just modifications of ballet. Others such as hip-hop, break-dance, etc. are just modifications or experimentations of movement. Other times dance such is combined with other sports such as There are almost to many different styles to name and still new types being created today, and I'm almost positive dance will continue to grow.

A Dancer's Career

Dance is a beautiful art form that many enjoy but only a select few can make dancing a career. Dancing is a very risky and hard career choice but it is the path I want to take in my life. First, a dancer must audition with countless others for an spot in a company or production, then a dancer must work hard and train almost every single day preparing for that production or working for that company.Sometimes dancers will get jobs preforming in shows, videos, or movies. Other times dancers will become dance instructors or choreographers. My goal is to become a professional dancer and dance in shows and other productions. The life of a dancer is a very physically demanding one, in which a dancer must be fit, have a strict diet and training program, and always be able-bodied(injuries cannot be danced on). Some dancers start looking for work right after high school, others attend a preforming arts college or go to regular university before they start looking for work as a dancer. A dancers wage is actually quite low (and dance costumes and equipment prices are quite high) so dancers sometimes juggle other jobs as well. But overall if dance is something you love than it's all worth it.

Why I love dance

Dance is a huge part of my life and it's where I want to take my career if possible. I can't really imagine life without it. Dance is kind of like an outlet for me where I can express myself or be anything or anyone I want to be. I also love it because if a performer really puts their heart and soul into dancing for you and the other people in the audience, it can make you feel something and experience another's feelings or thoughts. I want to be that performer. To me there is no better thrill or feeling than being on stage. When I hear from even just one person that I made them feel something it gives me one of the most joyous feelings I have ever experienced. Dance gives me this feeling that I can't even put into words and allows me to unleash my passion for the music that I hear. Dance allows me to paint emotions and stories into the minds of others and I have yet to discover another sport that creates such magic. I love to dance, plain and simple.