Going to Disneyland!

By Clayton Aultman


I got a free trip to Disneyland! With the money I saved, I got $500 to spend! My parents told me to bring back as little change as possible. So my mission is to spend as much money as I can without going over $500. Lets see if I can do it!

Forced Choices

In order to get the free trip, I have to get something from all of 5 places. They were the Souvenir Stand, the Main Street Magic Shop, Cady Palace, Disney Clothiers, & the Lunch Diner. These are my choices at each place.

The Choices

**There is an 8% tax on everything

Souvenir Stand (20% off)

Souvenir Cup: $15

Foam Flower: $12

Balloon Flower: $10

Light-Up Sword: $18

Main Street Magic Shop (30% off)

Magic Movie: $30

Magic Ropes: $15

Trick Cards: $31

Magic Liquids: $12

Mystery Box: $22

Gag Gift: $18

Candy Palace (40% off)

Life Size Mickey Sucker: $90 6

Bag of mixed candy: $25

Caramel Apple: $15

Rock Candy: $12 3

Fudge: $30

Disney Clothiers (25% off)

Jeans: $45

Jackets: $120

Shirts: $35

Dresses: $56

Tees: $22

Shorts: $20

Category 5: Food Menus (Add 8% tax and 15% tip) **One selection only

Super Nachos and Taco with drink-----------------------------------------------------$15.50

Salad, Pizza (any toppings) with drink-------------------------------------------------$14.75

Hamburger, Fries, and Salad with drink-----------------------------------------------$16.50

Paying at the Souvenir Stand

Here at the souvenir stand I'm now paying for my souvenir cup. This is my math for finding out my total. **There is a 20% discount here.




$12+.96= $12.96

Souvenir Cup

Total: $12.96

Now at Main Street Magic Shop

I've moved on to Main Street Magic Shop. I'm now done shopping and I'm paying. **There is a 30% discount here.

$30x.3= $9




Magic Movie

Total: $22.68

Candy Palace!

I'm now paying at Candy Palace. **There is a 40% discount here.











$349.92+$23.34= $373.26

6 Life Size Mickey Suckers & 3 Rock Candies

Total: $373.26

Buying Some Clothes

I decided to go to the clothing store to get some more wardrobe. **There is a 25% discount here.













$17.82+$16.2+$36.45= $70.47

A Tee, Shorts, and Jeans

Total: $70.47

Eating Lunch

It's almost noon and I decided to get lunch. **There is no discount but a 15% tip instead.





Hamburger, Fries, & Salad with a Drink

Total: $20.49

Finding My Totals

I was all done buying for the day so I wanted to see if I stayed under $500 dollars against the odds.This is my math to find out. **Added numbers are category's total spent.