Lab Project w/ Alka-seltzer

by Jamesia Mckibben , Nia Griffin-Powell , Terrell Sampson

experimental design planning

Hypothesis ; putting Alka-Seltzer in..

boiling hot water { will explode cause of all the fizzing }

cold water { will fizz little but some left over }

room temperature { none will be left over and take under 1 min }

Constants ; Independent - Water Temperature Dependant - Rate at which the alka-seltzer dissolves

Materials ; Water , container , hot place , alka-seltzer

Procedures ; in each beaker with each having 50 mL of water , take exact temperature of water before and after dropping alka-seltzer in water and repeat for each beaker.

Background Information

- Alka-Seltzer contains Aspirin, heat treated sodium bicarbonate, and citric aid. In water it contains principally the antacid sodium citrate and the analgesic sodium acetylsalicylate.

- Boiling water takes 15 to 20 minutes to boil.

- If you are using tap water, it doesn't come out the faucet at room temp. so you would have to let it sit for a minute.

- Cold water really isn't that cold, so you could add ice.

After Math of the experiment

What we concluded from our experiment was that the heated water dissolved the fastest and did not explode, cold water dissolved the slowest, but dissolved completely, room temperature water did dissolve under one minute and completely dissolved, thus concluding that half of our hypothesis was wrong.


What temperature of water would you use to take Alka-Seltzer?

How fast do you think Alka-Seltzer will dissolve at 280 degrees F?

How fast do you think Alka-Seltzer will dissolve at negative three degrees F?