Accessing Student Subscriptions

Reading, Math, & Learning Videos

Continual Practice

Attached to this cover sheet are some specific log-in credentials. These credentials give your child access to some of the activities/sites that I have shown them. These sites have been used as continual practice for certain skills/learning. I wanted to give families the opportunity to access these sites from home if you are able. We are now at the point in the school year where the students are familiar enough with how the sites work and how to navigate through each. All of the sites are accessible from a desktop computer. Most of them have an app for mobile devices that can be used as well. The specific log-in credentials are so that I can track them and their learning/activity with each site. It is nice to see how they are answering questions, what genre of text is most successful, and what word wall words they have improved upon.

Splash Math

There is a slip of paper stapled to this packet that is about a third of a sheet of paper in size. Your child's name should appear at the top. There are two pieces of information that valuable:
  1. A link to the log-in area for students is provided. I highly recommend that you bookmark this for your children so that they do not have to continually type in the address.
  2. Log-in credentials
  • USERNAME (first & last initials with lunch number)
  • PASSWORD (lunch number)


There is a parent letter that Raz-Kids uses as a reproducible for each student in the class. I have attached this as well. The sheet gives the following information that would be pertinent for your student to log-in to the site.
  • site address
  • Teacher username (iles1s for most, iles1 for some students)
  • student icon
  • password (lunch account number)

There is a section at the bottom that you are more than welcome to fill out. This is just asking if you would like parent access to your child's activity on the site at home and at school. If so, just fill out the parent email information.


VocabularySpellingCity is a site that I have setup to allow our class an alternative way to practice spelling our Word Wall Words. There is a Teach Me, Test Me, and Games section to the site. These are all possible ways to practice our high frequency words. The attached sheet specific to this site, gives the following information:
  • site address
  • student username (same as Splash Math account)
  • password (same as Splash Math account)

Flocabulary & BrainPopJr.

Both of these sites are sites that provide learning videos or songs to help in learning/understanding a concept. All of the students in our grade level have general log-in credentials to access the videos. I do not track their activity or learning through these sites. Below are the log-in credentials to access each site.
CLICK HERE to see other links for continual practice!

These are links/sites to other interactives or games where the students can practice content that we have studied. Each of these links are ones that our class has used previously.