Supt's Scoop

Dr. Manno's Bedford Central Brief, Edition #1, Summer 2016

A Message from Dr. Manno

Dear Bedford Central School District Families and Community:

It is with great pride, enthusiasm, and optimism that I assume the role of Superintendent of Schools for BCSD. Over the past many months I have studied the successes and challenges of the school district.

It is clear that the strength of the school community is grounded in a shared desire to support, nurture and develop its students. The school community's commitment to provide Every Single Student, Every Single Day the opportunity to discover his or her potential is evident and strong.

Yet, as does every family or team, BCSD has experienced and will continue to experience challenges. I see all the ingredients within this great school community to overcome those challenges: outstanding students; involved and caring parents/guardians; a supportive, engaged and active broader community; talented, creative, passionate and caring teachers and staff members; smart and solid school leadership; and, a governing body staunchly committed to the district's mission and students.

To date, I have attended numerous events and met with various school/parent groups. I have been impressed with the enthusiastic and respectful manner in which my family and I have been welcomed. A few examples include the Elementary Bike Run, the Fox Lane Booster Club Golf Outing, the Fox Lane High School National Honor Society Induction Ceremony, and the Fox Lane Middle School Rock Ensemble Concert. Hearing and seeing firsthand the achievements of the Fox Lane High School Class of 2016 during the graduation ceremony was inspiring. To see students, families and educators engaged in such a positive, collaborative, and constructive manner in so many venues affirms my desire and enthusiasm to serve BCSD.

I come to you with eyes wide open to the challenges and obstacles ahead of us. However, I am optimistic that together we can address each of these challenges, clear any obstacle, and move forward stronger for having overcome adversity. I am entering the district with a clear and thoughtful transition/entry plan, grounded in the principles of leadership through learning, and leadership through relationships. I have planned opportunities over several months to learn as much as possible about the district. These activities will allow me to engage and develop relationships with: students; parents/guardians; the school administration, teachers and other staff; our district governing body; regional and State education leaders; local and State officials; and, various school, community, faith-based, and other groups/organizations.

For those of you I have met, thank you for the warm welcome. I look forward to meeting others. Please don't hesitate to reach out to me by email or phone. If you see me at an event, please say hello and let's chat. Together, let's make 2016-17 a great year for our students and school district.

In Service,

Chris Manno

Board of Education Business

Your Board of Education conducted its annual organizational meeting on Friday, July 1, 2016 at 8 a.m. in the Fox Lane Middle School Little Theater. Your newly elected Board of Education members took their oath of office and were formally seated. Congratulations to Ms. Michelle Brooks, Ms. Pam Harney, and Ms. Beth Staropoli. Dr. Christopher Manno was sworn in as the new Superintendent of Schools.

The Governing Body elected its presiding officers, Ms. Colette Dow, President, and Mr. Brian Sheerin, Vice President. The Board acted upon the organizational consent agenda, conducted committee assignments, heard reports from Board members and the Superintendent of Schools, and took action on a number of items, including several policies. The Board added two new committees: Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment, and Facilities. More detailed information can be found on the District website, under the Board Docs link.

The Board is in the process of planning a summer workshop meeting to consider a number of important planning issues for the district. The Board looks forward to this new beginning, and getting to work serving our students, families and the broader community.

Leadership Changes

Some key leadership changes have occurred in the District effective July 1st. Please join in wishing all our leaders well as they work hard on behalf of our students, families, staff and entire school community.

  • We welcome Interim Assistant Superintendent for Business and Administrative Services, Mr. Greg Sullivan, who comes to us with a career of experience and success as a school administrator and business official.
  • Fox Lane High School is fortunate to welcome Mr. James Donnelly as Interim Principal, who brings to the position many years of school leadership experience, including serving as Superintendent of Schools and Principal.
  • Our very own Dr. Joel Adelberg graduated his last class at Fox Lane High School and assumed his role as Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction.
  • Interim Director of Human Resources and Development Ms. Stacey Haynsworth is already hard at work ensuring effective processes and programs are in place to hire the very best employees, and to provide ongoing support and development.
  • Dr. Ed Escobar, Interim Director of Pupil Personnel Services and Special Education, and Ms. Deborah Dormady, Interim Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services and Special Education are working to provide a valuable summer experience to a number of our special needs students, and are preparing diligently to provide the very best programs and services for our special education students.
  • Mr. Chris Coughlin assumes the role of Interim Director of Athletics, Health, and Physical Education, and is preparing for the fall season and the start of the school year.
  • Ms. Sue Ostrofsky, an experienced principal from Mt. Kisco Elementary School, is joining the Fox Lane Middle School team in her new role as interim Principal. She is diligently preparing for the return of staff and students.
  • Mr. Kweon Stambaugh, Interim principal of Mt. Kisco Elementary School steps into the very big shoes of Ms. Ostrofsky, and is working closely with her and Mt. Kisco Interim Assistant Principal, Dr. Angelique Johnson to prepare for a successful school year for the children and staff.