Ninety five thesis to VHS

things need to change

Mission statement of VHS

"The mission of Varina high school is to provide and educational program designed to develop 21st century citizens who can achieve their full potential as critical thinkers, problem solvers and life long learners with a commitment to their community, state and nation which will enable them to meet the challenges of change."

"....developing 21st century citizens who can achieve their full potential..."

One of VHS's so called goals is to help us achieve our full potential. However they do not realize all students learn in different ways. Constant homework, studying, and rigorous testing in preparation for SOL's may work for some students, but not for all. We are not learning the things we teach for life after high school, we study and test all for the love of passing SOL's. After that most of could care less.

Things need to change, our students are drowning!

In order for Varina to correctly fulfill said mission statement our school board, administrators and principles need to realize it is not only books and tests that prepare students for life, but other fundamental life lessons. Ones that simply cannot be learned inside books or explained away with numbers. They also need to realize when enough is enough, sometimes students just need a break. We grow as our freedom does, how can we possibly grow and succeed with a stack of books shackled to our ankles?