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White House Weekly Information

Welcome to the 2016-17 School Year!

Below you will find contact information, upcoming events and what the students have been learning the first couple weeks of school.

Math Rules!

Math: Ratio and Proportional Reasoning

This week we have started working in our math book and took the ACT Aspire exam.

Students should all be aware of the new MATHiaX™ program and should all have access to the resource center online.

Homework has been given most days and you should be seeing your son or daughter working on it some point at home.

Science Class Rocks!

Students have learned how to communicate with one another like scientists by using "Science Talk" questioning techniques. They just started learning about cells and throughout this book they will learn about the different body systems, as well as, viruses and vaccines. Students are trying to answer the Big Question: How do you keep your friends and family free of illness? If students need to access the online textbook they are able to find it on my website.

Social Studies is what's happening!

7th Grade US Studies students are working on historical inquiry. They are developing questions to guide their research. They will be continuing to build on those skills as they discover more about our country.

Literacy is for life!

We will be reading and writing tons this year! We will utilize the workshop model in the classroom. We are looking at their own writing history and how students have grown throughout the years. We are reading a lot! The goal is to read five times a week for at least thirty minutes each day! Please encourage your student to read!