Mobile Apps

friendly for the high school classroom

Study Blue

This is probably the top 3 best apps for studying. In high school Biology the students worst nightmare is having to memorize all the new names and ideas that are in the content of the coarse. But every good science teacher knows that memorizing is all part of the learning experience. Study blue will replace the endless amount of flash cards with digital tests. these digital flash cards not only help you study but keep track of how many you get right and will tell you what part of the content to focus more on.

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Quiz Up

Easily the funnest way to asses or study for a very specific topic. I think the thrill of winning and gaining levels of knowledge can be a huge engaging tool for students in high school. With the worlds biggest variety of questions and quizzes you can be sure to have a topic that will fit with the content of your curriculum. Its fun and easy to use.

You can specifically use this in high school for getting the students to quiz each other on a certain topic in the curriculum.

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Get the world biggest and most knowledgable encyclopedia online at your fingertips. It goes where ever your phone goes and can help fill in those small little gaps of knowledge you were missing in class. Information made easier to access. Perfect for class when you don't have time to go over every definition in the content, the students can use this app to look up important words, people, dates that are useful for learning.

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Google Docs

Work on and edit assignments at home or in the classroom with partners, groups, or the whole class. This is a very easy and connective writing and editing tool for the classroom learning. It makes it easy to access material and work on it from anywhere you want.

It can be specifically used in the classroom to complete in class assessments that the whole class can take part in and read on the Interactive White Board while they answer questions and provide feedback. Or it can be used when students go home and can work on an assignment with other classmates on their own time.

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One Note

digital notebook to remember ideas or take good notes. You can customize and share them. Interactive and creative. It would be a good idea to have this on your phone for class settings if a teacher is handing out assignments or has an important idea for the students to learn. They can write it down and make it so they will remember it.

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