Wind Energy

Good,Bad & Interesting effects of wind energy!


What is wind energy? Wind energy is energy made by the air that is moving. It is caused by the uneven heating of the Earth's surface by the Sun. The sun causes the air to move. The wind energy is generated with the use of a turbine . It is used to convert wind into electricity that is used in our homes.
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Good effects of wind energy

Wind energy is free and does not cause pollution.The turbine does not take up a lot of space.The land below it can be used for other purposes. Wind turbine look attractive on the land. People can produce their own energy with wind turbines. Wind energy plays a big role in the third world. In that part of the world people face lots of electricity shortage. Wind turbine come in all sorts of sizes so they can be in lots of places.

Bad effects of wind energy

Wind energy is not reliable and does not make the constant amount of energy all the time. A lot of people do not like wind turbines because they make lots of noise and they make the country side look bad. When wind turbines are they make some pollution. Wind turbines do not make a lot of energy.

Environmental impacts of wind energy

Wind turbine in flat areas take up less space than wind turbines in hilly areas. Unfortunately birds and bats have been found dead because of crashing in to the turbine. The wind turbine causes the air pressure to rise which cause a threat animals population. The wind turbine makes lots of noise which may disturb some people.

Economic impacts of wind energy

When wind turbines are built they give job chances to people who are looking for jobs.

Also wind farms can employ 10 to 30 people and these are good paying jobs.There are property taxes depending on the size of your land and value .Wind turbines are put on leased land from public and private parties . Companies that have had wind projects have been good neighbours to the rental office

Interesting facts about wind energy

  1. The biggest wind turbine in the world is in Hawaii it is 20 floors tall and just one of its wings is long as a foot ball field.
  2. The average wind speed is 14miles per hour to make energy.
  3. One turbine can power 300 homes.
  4. The first turbine was made in Ohio.
  5. The wind turbines first came out in late 1800's.
  6. The first turbines were used to charge batteries.
  7. There is a major wind industry in Denmark.
  8. In Denmark 25% of there electricity is wind energy and are trying to make it 50%.
  9. The was a major energy problem in Denmark in 1973 & 1979.
  10. After the major energy crises in Denmark in 1973 & 1979 they started to use reusable energy sources.

A diagram of a wind turbine.

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The world's biggest wind turbine is in Hawaii

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