LMC Rally Resources

April 2016

April 2016 Rally Resources

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Have a WOW story to share? We can't wait to hear it and share it!

Submit your WOW Story by emailing the following information to LMCWOW@lennar.com:

1) The full name and location worked of the LMC Associate submitting the WOW Story

2) The WOW Story Details – be specific!

3) Full Names and Location worked of any Associates named in the WOW Story

What is a WOW story?

We all have opportunities to live our LMC values and create phenomenal customer service experiences for each other, our residents and all those that we serve in the roles we carry out. LMC associates are known for their ability to go above and beyond to serve our customers and create inspiring and uniquely rewarding experiences, and these are what make up our WOW stories. They may be big bold acts, but many of the WOW stories are created by every day moments of kindness shared with others.

Recognition & Fun Examples

Here are some ideas to have some FUN during the Rally:

  2. PAY IT FORWARD CHALLENGE (Submitted by the Frontera team, Reno, NV): This is a program that this team created to create a sense of community for their residents. Here is a letter that went out to the residents: "Dear Residents

    We thought for the month of April we would have a “pay it forward” good deed challenge and contest. Beginning April first, you can stop into the office and pick 3 challenges off of the board. We will have easy, medium and hard challenges. You pick one from each category.

    Once completed bring back your challenges and a photo of the completed challenge (your cell phone pic is fine) or signed by the person, place, or entity where you completed the challenge to be entered into the raffle drawing to be held on April 30th.

    It must be completed during the month of April, by April 29th.

    Some easy rules to follow:

    Internet photos will only be accepted if it is an online good deed and must show completed during the month of April.

    All 3 challenges must be completed to be entered into the raffle.

    Everyone in the home can participate but each participant must each complete 3 challenges.

    But most importantly have fun! And feel great about doing a good deed and paying it forward.

    Vicki, Tyler and Alfred Ideas for paying it forward challenge items can be found here: http://www.marcandangel.com/2012/05/25/60-selfless-ways-to-pay-it-forward/ or https://www.pinterest.com/pin/274649277251362430/

  3. Share the fun the teams had with the March Egg hunt!

Company Initiative Examples

1. WOW Stories to Share! (Share one of these stories on separate days to share how other associates are living our mission, celebrating our culture and providing outstanding customer service)
  • SHOUT OUT TO OUTSTANDING TEAM CUSTOMER SERVICE (Frontera, Reno NV) - In a recent Touchpoint survey, where 10's are common for this community this resident was truly WOWED by the entire team. "Amazing place to live! The Management team does an outstanding job, always keeps in contact with neighbors and looking for ways to make Frontera a better place to live. They do an extraordinary job keeping us informed on what is going on. Where there is a maintenance issue or good news to benefit the community. Give it up for Vicki and Tyler! Always respectful, available and full of positive energy. The treatment is personalized and they always fulfill our needs. Maintenance is always on top of everything. The services are delivered with the same day or 24 hours."
  • AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE BY JACQUELYN HALLEY (Malden Station, Fullerton, CA) - Love seeing this YELP review "We just left Malden station and could not be more impressed. Jacquelyn, the assistant manager, was so incredibly helpful and so fun! We felt at home already thanks to her! Apartments are beautiful, amenities are amazing, and the community seems like a blast! I really look forward to living here!"

2. SOP 1080 has been revised to include:

· Make a copy of the Driver’s License or Government-Issued Photo ID once the resident has been approved, and file it in the lease file.

· Prior to presenting keys to the new resident, the associate must see that same Driver’s License or Government-Issued Photo ID. The associate must compare it against the copy in the lease file, and only then are they allowed to present keys.

· The associate then must indicate that keys were given out to that new resident by writing on the copy: Keys given to J. Smith on 5/11/16, then initial.

*Note: the Lease File Checklist (SOP 405) has also been revised to reflect the changes above

Need a Refresher? Here are the details on a Rally

Frequency: Every day starting between 9:00 am and 10:00 am

Time: Between 10-15 minutes
Purpose: To ensure focus on company initiatives, inspiration, recognition and motivation for all associates. To reconnect each associate with their purpose and mission before they start their day. In short: to start the day right! The Rally is intended to be casual with purpose.
Never Miss It: It establishes a sense of community with the rest of the company and centers each associate on why they are an essential part of the LMC team every day.

The Basics

The Rally is intended to be led by a different associate each day, however with no obligation that each associate is required to lead. It is a quick meeting to get focused for the day and highlight Lennar culture to inspire excellence in each of our associates. All associates scheduled to work that day should be present for The Rally. It is a good time to check head to toe, that flies are zipped, name badges are on and a self-sniff check is completed. Let’s look the part!

AGENDA* (example assumes a 9:00 am daily line up start time):

9:00 am – Recognition & Fun (Whoop! Whoop! Time)

9:08 am – Company Initiatives topics (The juicy stuff)

9:12 am – Specific Community focus time (Get focused!)

9:15 am – Wrap it up!

*This is a sample Agenda - the actual order of the components of The Rally is up to the community*

3 Parts of the Rally

Questions, Comments and Suggestions about the Rally?

Rachel Hart, West Coast - 619.606.1117 - rachel.hart@lennar.com

Jennifer Church, Central & East Coast - 469.587.5274 - Jennifer.church@lennar.com