Souders Elementary School 05/22/15

I can't believe our year is over

To the parents of 14 of the most extraordinary Kindergartner's that ever lived,

I have been avoiding this letter and this goodbye for weeks. I thought, perhaps if I didn't acknowledge the last day of wouldn't really happen. Unfortunately, for me...tomorrow is that dreaded day. Now I know kids grow up and move on, and I know our jobs as teaches are to prepare them and help them be ready for the future. New beginnings are wonderful....but the end of something as spectacular as this year and this class is heart breaking. If you are wondering...yes, I am crying as I type this. Please excuse any typos, blurred vision syndrome.

What can I say about this class. They inspire me to be better every single day. They increase my desire to live life in the moment. They spark my curiosity. They help me practice my patience. They show me the meaning of friendship and community. They foster a love of learning. How can I even begin to tell you all as parents what this year has meant to me.

We have had quite a ride in Kindergarten this year. We have squeezed a full day of learning into just a few hours. We have gone from being non-readers to readers. We have experimented, written a few class books, played games, sang songs, danced our hearts out to the hunks and chunks..what haven't we done in Kindergarten this year? The answer: there isn't much we didn't do!!!

Your children are intelligent, funny, kind, caring, supportive, responsible and respectful. It was a goal of mine this year to not only teach academic intelligence but social/emotional intelligence as well. These are the life skills that will help make their journey through school successful.

I loved coming to school every single day. I love teaching. I loved watching these kiddos start as a blank canvas. Through their hard work they have created wonderful masterpieces, with their successes, failures, and challenges molding them into the learners they are today. I have seen shy ones become outgoing, I have seen the doubters become confident, the lonely become part of our classroom family and I have seen all of these kiddos become brave. We learned it's o.k to make mistakes because that is how we learn. We have learned that it's o.k to ask questions, because that is how we learn. We have learned to cheer on our team and to never give up. Blank slates no more...these amazing children have all created their own learning canvas, intricately woven into their lives now. I love this class!!

Thank you for trusting me with your children. I have loved my first Kindergarten class. I don't think there will ever be another one like it. I will miss them terribly. Thank you for your support throughout the year. Thank you for your help, patience kind words and understanding.

These kiddos rock my socks off!!!

Ms. Hemingway

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