Academic Newsletter

January Edition

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2A Publishing Co.

Mrs. Moskowitz's class recently published their own book. We have an exceptional group of 2nd graders this year, who are lead by a very dynamic teaching duo. They are always thinking outside the box and looking for innovative ways to engage their students. Click the video below to see what this books is all about.
STS Second Grade Book Publishing

Advanced Writing

From hard copies to digital, the teachers here at St. Tim's are all looking to excite the students and keep learning fun and unique. I will let the new STS Digital Magazine do the talking!

Scantron Round 2

After a hard-fought first round, the STS students have come out firing on all cylinders for this second round of testing.

The past few weeks, the students in grades 3-7 have been completing their Scantron tests. Overall, the students seem far more comfortable with this testing format, and are getting used to the idea of taking their tests on the computer.

Individual testing results will be sent home on Friday, so please let me, or their teachers know if you have any specific questions about the data.

All the Way

The highlights provided above are merely a snapshot of some of the creative activities occurring in the classrooms. The teachers at St. Tim's are committed to going all the way towards ensuring the finest educational experience for your children.