The German Immigrants

by:Kylee Hunter and Nayeli Deleon


The Germans came from Switzerland ,Austria ,and German.They settle in Kansas around the Hays area.


They are the Germans.The name of our immigrant group is the Germans.


They leaved there country because they began to lose their privileges and there were unhappy. They also were forced to participate in military service. They came to Kansas because the railroad provided free wheat and seeds to help start their farms. The railroads also provided sleeping cars and wanted to sell their land to the new immigrants. And also had free land for schools and churches.


They adapted easely to Kansas because they saw that the plains of Kansas were similar to the plains Russia. The Germans came to Kansas with expernce of Winter Red wheat.


The Germans came to Kansas in 1872.


The winter red wheat is planted in the fall and harvested in early summer. It gets moisture from the winters snow. The winter red wheat works well on the plains of Kansas. For 100 years Germans lived I isolation in Russia.

Russia town

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Russia country

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