Textile Mills

Destiny News By Christopher Rainer 1858

Textile Mills in the 1850s

These Mills originally were all done by people who had to make to machines work by themselves. But now thanks to Eli Witney He had the Idea of having interchangeable parts. Interchangeable parts were all the machines used the same exact same parts, so if a machine brakes you can replace it without have to make a new one that fits that machine.

Samuel Slater

Samuel Slater is a person who changed the textile industry. He changed the industry by making new, more efficient textile machine. Sam is a skilled British mechanic who immigrated to the U.S. After he arrived he sent a letter Moses brown who owned a textile in New England. That said that Sam could improve the way textile mills are made in the U.S. Moses had one of his workers test Sams skills. Samuel passed.


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Seth Olski Marries Adam Larache and adopts a child named Juan Cena.

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Donald trump dies by falling off his wall 9/12/1858

Adam lahrache gets assassinated by Randy Ortins 9/18/58

Noah Rainer passes away at the age of 126

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