Tasmanian Devils



  • eyes are small and beady
  • they have a short, stocky build
  • tails up to half of their body length
  • large canines
  • white patches on neck and/or throat
  • smooth, black fur
  • curved claws and toes
  • communicates with loud and agressive grunts
  • mammal
  • males are 23.5-30 inches and 15-20 pounds
  • females are 20-25 inches and 11-15 pounds

Food Chain and Habitat

  • makes dens in hollowed logs
  • lives in mixed rainforests
  • they're carnivorous
  • hunts things like snakes, birds, fish, and insects
  • from Tasmania, Australia
  • cool temperature climates
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  • uses sense of smell instead of eyesight to hunt
  • nocturnal
  • black and white coat provides camoflage
  • scavengers
  • sharp teeth
  • hunts alone
  • they can bark, growl, snort, wail, and scream (usually to establish dominance)
  • can emit a pungent odor
Tasmanian Devil screaming

Reason for Endangerment and Critical Information

  • a cancer called devil facial tumor disease (DFTD) that only affects Tasmanian devils is spreading
  • it's spread through bites
  • scientists are studying the disease to see which cancer cells are involved and so they can find a cure
  • wildlife officers watch the Tasmanian devils and check them for the disease before releasing them into the wild so they can see where DFTD is infecting

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