It takes a Village to Raise a Child

by: Sophie and April


The proverb "It takes a village to raise a child" comes from an African scripture. In education, the community and the teachers all come together to help raise the children of the community. The support services enhance the learning process of the school by bringing people together and helping the students get education.

African Meaning

  • By village, the Africans meant that as their extended family because their family was so big

  • They trusted their family to take care of their children if they had to go out and do something

  • everybody in the family helps raise the child especially the older children if the parents have to work or do things around the house

  • emphasizes the value of family relationships

  • You start building a good neighborhood when you yourself decides that you will be a good neighbor

Todays Meaning

  • Life is easier when you are surrounded by a network of friends and family, a neighborhood

  • The community influences the children and impacts the way the kids act and grow up

  • building friendships with our neighbors helps

  • child upbringing is a communal effort


  • During the depression, there was plenty of poverty and misery. But people got rid of this by raising their children in a community with happiness and neighbors becoming family like.

  • In Dallas, four security guards whipped some kids that broke into a mall. The parents of the kids said that they had no right to discipline their kids but the guards said that they did what they had to because “the village raises the children”

In Education Today

  • All of the different support services impact the education of learners because they help students fulfill their needs in order to learn
  • They enhance learning because they help the students by giving them the option to participate in school jobs such as being an aide in the library


  • In both times in Africa and today, this quote is still true and proves that a community impacts the learners
  • People today still go by this proverb and believe that support services, teachers and anyone in the community can enhance the leaning process