Weller Weekly

December 14-18

What's up at Weller?

Monday (12-14)
  • 1-2 French Club @ (3:45-4:45)

Tuesday (12-15)

  • i-Moms @ (8:00-8:40)
  • Dessert Bar in Faculty Lounge (Bring your favorite goodie to share!)
  • 5th Grade PBL Presentation @ (1:00-3:00)

Wednesday (12-16)

  • 2nd Grade Field Trip to Nutcracker
  • Movie, Lunch, and Popcorn (11:30-1:00) Classroom Teacher Time Off!
  • 3-5 French Club @ (3:45-4:45)

Thursday (12-17)

  • End of 2nd Quarter
  • Weller P.R.I.D.E. Celebration
  • K-2 Storybook Celebration (9:30-11:30)
  • Happy Birthday Coach Stewart!

Friday (12-18)

  • Professional Work Day
  • Holiday Breakfast @ Weller (8:30)

The (now annual) Holiday Shape Hunt is coming next week!

There will be 50 shapes hidden around the school each day next week. They will have a point value on the back. Remember, students can point them out but only teachers can remove them. Write your name on the back and put the shape in the box on the counter by Robin to earn points for your class. If there is a sticker on the back, you win a present! You can grab a gift under the tree by my office!

Rules for the Shape Hunt

  • Shape hunting begins at 9:00 a.m

  • Classes may hunt for shapes only when they are making regular transitions, following their regular path of movement from the classroom to lunch, recess, or specials.

  • ONLY students can spot the shapesthat means no hints, teachers! J

  • Only classroom teachers can take shapes down.

  • Three shapes each day have a neon green sticker on the back which says Grab a Gift. If you get a second gift, please share it with another staff member. J

In the spirit of giving, some of our early specials teachers have shared with teachers who have specials later in the day OR have left shapes on the wall. It may not be totally fair but you can have fun with the kids looking for shapes! J

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Gotta know it...

The magic of Christmas is upon us! In just five days the first half of the year will close and a much needed rest will be had by all. The learning happening at Weller during first semester is exciting! Our 5th grade students will host a "community of the past" to present their learning on how they can be a better citizen from understanding the history of slavery in our country. Our kindergarteners have been looking for the gingerbread man. (If you spot him let them know!) And our 1st and 2nd graders are planning a BIG Christmas storybook celebration! We have a great team and the community is discovering YOU! Thanks for your hard work this past fall. Rest and enjoy time with family and friends to wrap up 2015.


On Tuesday we toured our bookroom, bursting with books! At the Elementary Principal's meeting we learned more about teaching fluent reading. I learned of three online literacy resources which you may know of:

  1. Readworks
  2. Instagrok
  3. Newsela (This site offers articles with four different reading levels for each. We will purchase a subscription to it.)

As you are teaching reading, use the books in our bookroom and use the online resources. Kids should read many genres, many topics, and many books. I can't wait to see the results of our MOY testing to see how our kids have grown!


Explore! (Never, never, never called Summer School again!) Weller will not host Explore this summer. They will be replacing our HVAC controls which is a 14 week project. Our kids will attend Explore at Hickory Hills. There will be field trips and engaging learning. It's not too early to start talking about this summer's Explore and encouraging our kids to attend.

Session I: May 26-June 24

Session II: June 27-July 29

Applications for teaching will be posted in January. There will be specials offered at Explore for a planning time for teachers.