Fin in Stores! 😛

By: Fiona Kelly

buy the fin!

Hey, bookworms! Do you LOVE a good ending? Then get the scanner, fin!! All of the cool kids have this amazing device. And not only is it the best prefix around, it comes in 5 awesome colors! Electric lemon, lime green, Caribbean Blue, plum purple, and red. Order the fin right now!! 1-800-Get-A-Life!

What Can The Fin Do?

Fin is an amazing scanner that turns any ending of a book into the BEST ending you've ever read. Find a book, (make sure you get the title!) wait a minute, and then you have an amazing epilogue in your hands! Throw away that mundane fin, and replace it's with an amazing fin!!
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About Fin

The creator of fin, Shark Fin, once read a book, and the ending was TERRIBLE. He wanted to make sure no one ever had to experience a bad ending EVER again. Thus, the fin was born, it was the most beautiful thing Shark has ever made, besides another creation, a beautiful creature, named Mrs. Longfellow.