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December 6, 2137 Cumberland, Maine

Advice Column: Ask Ekene

Dear Ekene: So I know this boy and I kinda fell for him. We've been sneaking and hanging out for a while now and I'm starting to like him more then I thought I would. The only problem is that I'm getting my procedure done in a couple weeks. I don't know If I should stay and forget all about him, how I felt, and how happy I was and be a good girl and live like I'm supposed to. Or do I escape to the wilds with him where we can be together.

Dear Confused Girl: It seems by your description to me seems like you want to stay with him. Let me tell you this, don't do anything you don't want to do. All I can really tell you is to follow your heart. If you feel like you'll be happier leaving with the boy then go for it, but if you think you'll b safer staying where you are then stay where you are and follow the rules. But remember this: Always be careful with whatever choice you decide to take.

Into the movies: Movie Review

Lena Haloway, who is played by Alex Morgan, has spent her whole life ashamed of her past, which was mostly caused by her mother being infected by a deadly disease called "love" and then her committing suicide so she wouldn't have to live without harmful mutation, but all of her past is going to be forgotten after she gets the cure!... or so she thinks. Her best friend Hanna, played by Dianna Agron, and her go for one of their daily runs and happens to come across a "security guard" aka Alex, Played by Zac Efron. Does this so called "cured", Alex, be the one that makes her heart forget about all her dreams of being cured? Watch all of the nail-biting excitement seen in "Delirium", based of the book Delirium by Lauren Oliver.

True Friends: Feature Article

An epic feud in the book Delirium was when Lena went into her best friend Hana's room and Hana was playing illegal, rebellious music. Lena, being the loyal, caring person she is, was really concerned and a bit enraged because they were best friends with a close blend, and Hana wasn't ever being honest with her. Hana, who is at this point deceitful, finally tells Lena more about her secret, defiant life that she kept hidden. Lena is full of loath and betrayal at this point and says some very scornful, defrauded words. After all the damaging word were out of her "best friend's" house feeling trapped and victimized.

fight for your right!: Advertisement

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Deliria Know All

Crossword puzzle on The Book Delirium

Obituaries: Cast of Delirium

Alex Morgan: Lena Haloway

In her first movie debut as the lead role, Alex Morgan has done a phenomenal job capturing the magic that was in the book. She made the book come to life.It's even more incredible as the was her transition from soccer to movies. She would like to be remembered as a small town girl who followed her dreams.

Zac Efron: Alex Sheathes

Once again Zac Efron has proved to us that his is an a-list actor. In my opinion this was his best performances and he even thinks so to. He made everyone fall in love with Alex once again and he shall be remembered for it.

Dianna Agron: Hana Tate

Dianna Agron has finally came out to the lime light. Leaving behind the Glee TV show has shown everybody that she can do more than sing and dance. This was the best performance I've ever seen in my life. She will go down in history as one of the best actresses ever