Instructional Strategies

Classroom Instruction That Works

Join us for a series of six workshops, delivered by accredited facilitators, to explore 'Classroom Instruction That Works'. This handbook provides evidence-based insights and a refined framework to help you take your classroom practice to a higher level of effectiveness.

These 2 hour workshops will explore:

  • research regarding the impact nine instructional strategies have on student achievement and effect sizes;
  • new insights about how and why some strategies work more effectively than others; and
  • how all nine instructional strategies relate to essential skills for 21st century learners.

Participants will receive a copy of the handbook 'Classroom Instruction That Works'.

Total cost: $35.00

Session Details (3.30pm-5.30pm)

18 February
10 March

7 April

12 May

2 June

23 June

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