Saudi Arabia

Why we should not intervene but keep good relations.

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Steps To Keep Good Relations With Saudi Arabia

  1. Stay away from saudi arabia's government and politics
  2. Continue to buy oil from Saudi Arabia
  3. Stay away from Al Qaeda and ISIS
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Staying Away From Their Government and Politics

Saudi Arabia is in a disagreement with Iran; so creating trouble with them would not benefit us. Staying away can help us not create controversy with Iran or Saudi Arabia.

Economic/Bilateral Relations

Saudi Arabia is also the largest trading partner of the United States and is the largest market for U.S. exports in the Middle East. By intervening, we could damage our oil agreement.

Staying Away From Al Qaeda and the Islamic State

The Islamic State, has become a rival of Al Qaeda, its parent organization. Both groups share the same ultimate goal: to be ruled under a harsh Islamic law. By staying away, we can become a better ally with Saudi Arabia.


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