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Flying is hard

"Whoever first coined the phrase 'you're the wind beneath my wings' most assuredly was reflecting on the sublime influence of a very special teacher."
--Frank Trujillo

Flying is difficult for humans...literally. Flying is also terrifying for a lot of people. As we begin our spring semester, we are trying to encourage those who we want to suceed to fly. Others we are trying to prepare to leave the nest that is PHS. Regardless of how well students seem to respond to these forced flights toward new heights, success, or life in general there will come a time in their life when they reflect upon some lesson, some saying, or some act of rigid guidance or kindness that you imparted to them that will create the warm current they need to uplift them...for that, I thank you!

Upcoming Events

  • Wednesday (2/3)-Juniors off campus and guided reading lunch to eat at local businesses sponsoring our Kicking Cancer efforts
  • Thursday (2/4)- Kicking Cancer Assembly/PHS Gym link to Schedule

Team O-Flex in action

Mr. Oram's weights' classes inspire a diverse group of students to become more physically fit. The appeal of these classes is widespread and allows an outlet for our students to understand success and failures in a different setting than that of the traditional classroom. Additionally, Mr. Oram has a group of students who arrive at school long before most of us. His zero hour class allows students to be in weight training while not having to compromise the academic rigor of their schedule. Mr. Oram is constantly looking at new ways for our kids to train to be the best they can be. Ask him about his weights class or the power-lifting clinic he recently attended.
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